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Taranja Wu is on a mission!

Her Guitar in one hand, a gun in the other.

She celebrates her reckoning with punky, rattling guitar sounds, sawing synthesizers, relentlessly hammering beats as well as randomly captured extraterrestrial signals.

The sound of seedy elegance and street-level glamour, accompanied by Taranja Wu’s slogan-like vocals.

Sounds uncomfortable? It is! But you sure want to dance to it like hell. Formerly NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS, today traveling solo ...«this is guitar heroine synth punk, loud, loud and beautiful»

(Voc, Guit, Synth) Elektro-Pop-Punk

Pic by: Janosh Abel

The history of NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS

NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS are Olifr M. Guz and Taranja Wu. From 2015 to 2019 they produced and performed their music together. As the music they both wanted to hear didn't exist, they were forced to compose it themselves. It's all about madness, bees, rockets, cars and our everyday mistakes. Their two voices sound like ABBA lost in hell, accompanied by Bo Diddley on a rusty synthesizer. NiEC have produced five albums and their last one was released in January 2021. 

Recently, GUZ has been following the activities of NiEC from afar on the hunt for space debris. On clear evenings you can see his star blinking wildly and sparkling brightly. On their last album NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS, Olifr M. Guz and Taranja Wu can be heard together as producers and performers for the last time, but NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS are and will remain Olifr M. Guz and Taranja Wu. 

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